The 134th Canton Fair Grand Opening: Our New Electric Tool Products Lead Industry Innovation Trend

2023-10-15 /Exhibition

At the 134th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair), as a company committed to technological innovation, Zhengyang Technology once again showcased its leading position in the industry with its latest research and development products and independent brands. This exhibition was grandly opened at the Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou in October 2023, attracting buyers and industry experts from around the world.


 Zhengyang Technology displayed a series of innovative independent products, such as the Pigeon 40V Lithium Battery Series: 40V lithium battery threading machine/angle grinder/electric circular saw/single and dual-speed angle drill. The 40V GMAX under the Pigeon brand is a brand-new lithium battery platform with unique tool batteries and chargers. The combination of innovative tool design and high-output batteries provides true solutions for high-demand industrial users, offering customers more choices.


Participating in the Canton Fair is of great significance to  Zhengyang Technology. Firstly, through this international platform, the company was able to showcase its latest technological achievements and independent brand image to the world, enhancing the company's visibility and influence in the international market. Secondly, the Canton Fair provided Zhengyang Technology with the opportunity to engage in in-depth communication with domestic and foreign customers, promoting business cooperation and expansion, laying a solid foundation for the company's future development.


Adhering to the development concept of "Innovation Leading the Future, Quality Achieving the Brand," Zhengyang Technology continuously promotes technological innovation and brand building. In the future, the company will continue to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign partners, to provide better products and services to society and contribute to the realization of the dream of a strong country in science and technology.


The Canton Fair is one of the world's important trade fairs, providing Zhengyang Technology with a platform to showcase innovative achievements, understand market trends, and expand international horizons. Through this grand event, Zhengyang Technology not only consolidated its position in domestic and international markets but also deepened communication and cooperation with international buyers. Overall, at the 134th Canton Fair, our new electric tool products led the industry trend with their innovation and technological advancement. From intelligence to environmental protection, from technological innovation to market expansion,  Zhengyang Technology is steadily driving the development of the electric tool industry, meeting the diverse needs of global users.


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