Title: Zhengyang Technology Showcases Innovative Electric Tool Products at Jeddah Building Materials Exhibition

2023-05-08 /Exhibition

May 8th to 13th, 2023


Zhengyang Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Zhengyang Technology") participated in the International Building Materials Exhibition held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia in May 2023, showcasing a variety of innovative electric tool products under its brand. This exhibition marked an important milestone for Zhengyang Technology to further expand its international market and demonstrate its brand strength.


As a widely influential event in the building materials industry in the Middle East, the Jeddah Building Materials Exhibition attracted renowned companies and professional visitors from around the world. Leveraging this platform, Zhengyang Technology showcased its latest technological achievements and R&D capabilities in the field of electric tools to the participants. The company's booth design centered around themes of technological innovation, highlighting the products' high efficiency, durability, and environmental friendliness.


At this exhibition, Zhengyang Technology exhibited electric tool products covering multiple series, including AC electric drills, angle grinders, cutting machines, and lithium battery series products on the 20V platform. These products have undergone rigorous quality testing, demonstrating superior performance and safety features to meet the needs of various construction and renovation projects. Some electric tools equipped with intelligent control systems received high attention from professional buyers and visitors due to their convenient operation and intelligent features.


Utilizing this international exhibition platform, Zhengyang Technology's team engaged in in-depth discussions and negotiations with building materials distributors, contractors, and architects from Saudi Arabia and surrounding regions. Through these dialogues, the company not only showcased the advantages of its products but also gained insights into the specific needs and industry trends in the Middle East market, providing valuable information for future market development and product innovation.


In addition to product showcases, Zhengyang Technology also held multiple product demonstrations and technical seminars during the exhibition, providing detailed introductions of the technical features and application cases of electric tools to industry experts and potential customers. These interactive sessions received positive responses from attendees, effectively enhancing the visibility and influence of the Zhengyang Technology brand.


Through participation in the Jeddah Building Materials Exhibition, Zhengyang Technology not only consolidated relationships with existing partners but also expanded its new customer network, laying a solid foundation for the company's deeper development in the Middle East and global markets. The company stated that it will continue to focus on product R&D and technological innovation to meet the diverse needs of global users and continuously enhance its competitiveness in the international market.


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